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Simple Pycodes

About me

Hello and welcome.

I'm a self taught python programmer. I enjoy learning different frameworks and sometimes other languages and trying to get better as much as possible and I should say that I am not an expert programmer by any means. but I have a long background in IT field.

Having said that, my first personal computer was C64 so you can get the idea :) I have experience as a desktop support and IT consultant, but mostly I have worked in hardware assembling, upgrade, troubleshooting lines and so on.

im interested in web stack, socket programming and working with databases and game developing.

I have studied social science and philosophy. I love playing chess. I My first language was Qbasic but I never took it seriously, however about 3 years ago I started to shake things up and studied python vigorously.

My plan for this website is to have tutorials, articles mostly on python and maybe C language Which i really love to have a more time to learn deeper.

Thanks for dropping by.

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