Hello and welcome.

I'm a self taught python programmer. I'm interested in web stack "Flask", socket programming, SQL databases and game developing.

I have 10 + years experience as a desktop support and IT consultant which mostly I have worked in hardware assembling, upgrade, troubleshooting lines and so on.

Currently i have "customer, hardware / Software Services" position in Power retail with Norwegian Language training.

I am working on personal projects, which includes creating python tutorials for my youtube channel and my website. I’m very passionate for learning new technologies, frameworks and even new languages.

for me the most important aspect of work is the learning part, so i'm open for new positions especially anything that involves learning and teaching.

I speak English fluently, Italian and Norwegian in intermediate level (improving is in process) and Persian is my mother tongue. Lastly i should mention that i don't consider myself an expert programmer but Learning is one of my best qualities, Thanks for dropping by.

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